Fellow Foodies Unite!

Hungry? Us too. We pretty much stay that way. Well…that’s not entirely true. It would be better said that we have an insatiable appetite for good food with good friends.

This blog is not for the faint of heart (err..eating). If you’re one of those people who simply eat to survive, this just isn’t for ya’.
For we are foodies. We appreciate, adore and advocate for food (its preparation, its delivery and certainly its consumption) as an art form. We believe in lemon zest. We think that pasta should never be served on a cold plate. We feel very strongly that the lighting in a restaurant can dramatically change your experience. We think that yes, yes you can eat healthy and still eat out. We insist that having an out-of-this-world dining experience with your beloved buddies is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures. Bottom line, we don’t like to think of ourselves as food snobs, but merely as novices of a pleasurable culinary experience.

We are three women on a mission to discover the sweet and the sour. Our charge is to eat our way through the best places to nosh in our wee little town of Little Rock, AR. We are on a mission to chow at every restaurant in Little Rock! Join us on our journey and we will share our restaurant reviews with you. From the local dives to the don’t-touch-anything-you-might-break-it kind of establishment, our search for an incredible meal knows no bounds.

We will be full. We will be honest. We will be wearing expandable pants.