What I ate at Istanbul Restaurant

Istanbul Mediterranean Restaurant

11525 Cantrell Road #914
Little Rock, AR 72212
(501) 223-9332


We ate lunch at Istanbul located in the Pleasant Ridge Town Center. Overall, I enjoyed eating at this restaurant and would go back again. I have never eaten Turkish food before and I liked it very much. My take on Turkish food is that it’s similar to Greek food, but has more flavor! I love flavor and spice, so I was all about this place! Here is what I ate:

Falafel – this was the only thing I had at Istanbul that I didn’t enjoy, it had a burnt fried oil taste to it. I was disappointed because I usually love falafel

Babaganouj – I thought this was delicious! It had a light and fluffy texture and great flavor. The Pita bread served with it was to die for!

Tomato Soup – this was more like a broth than a soup because it was very watery, but it had good flavor. There was some sort of white, stringy, melted cheese at the bottom of the bowl that was quite tasty

Beyti Shish Kebab – The ground up and grilled beef was delicious and it had a very strong grilled flavor. However the rice was the best part of this dish! I inhaled the rice and still wanted more!

Baklava – This was yummy, but a little dry